I am an independent technology consultant and Vice President of Marketing and Sales for Dynasoft Synergy, a leader in Business Intelligence.

I have worked and consulted in information systems and technology since 1974 – much of that time in higher education at Stanford. Some of my consulting clients include Apple Computer, Stanford University, Sntial Technologies, MeLLmo, and the University of Oklahoma.

At Stanford I led student development of the first-ever iOS app connecting campus students, faculty, staff, and visitors to a college campus.

At the University of Oklahoma I have led the development of OU Bound, an innovative app helping newly admitted Sooner students transition from high school to their first year of college. Building on that success, we are now working on another app that will connect students after they arrive on campus with each other, the University, and University services in innovative ways.

With the rest of my time, I…


…on education technology topics.