I have worked and consulted in higher education technology since 1981. My clients have included Apple Computer, Stanford University, Sntial Technologies, MeLLmo, and the University of Oklahoma.

At Stanford I served as the Stanford Mobile Program Director and led the creation of iStanford, the innovative mobile app developed by the Stanford ‘Terribly Clever Design’ students that in turn led to the product offered commercially today as Blackboard Mobile Central. I had the privilege of assisting some other student companies get their start, too — including CourseRank (now part of Chegg), Metaneer Labs, and more recently ClassOwl. I also served as Director of Stanford Student Affairs Information Systems.

Today I am an independent technology consultant in higher education. In that capacity I provide a variety of technology leadership services including innovation, mobile technology, and technology strategy. I’m committed to the rapid transformation of technology in education. It is a privilege to lead exciting projects to innovate new ways to serve students, faculty, staff, and others.

With the rest of my time, I…


…on education technology topics.